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I'm an independent Tokyo-based journalist and writer. My main interests are human rights, international relations, east Asia (especially China and North Korea), and the recovery efforts in Tohoku.
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Major Anti-Nuclear Power Conference winds up in Yokohama

I just attended the two-day Global Conference for a Nuclear Power Free World (http://npfree.jp) and I have to say the experience was electrifying. Anti-nuclear and renewable energy tend to be associated with tree-hugging or “professional” demonstrators in the West, but the breadth and depth of participation was striking. Activism or really any kind of criticism … Continue reading

Tohoku Disaster Volunteers: the Force Behind the Scenes

The Japanese term for year-end office drinking parties – “forget-the-year parties” – seems especially apt this year, a year that most people in Japan would like to be able to forget. Although more than nine months have already passed since northeastern Japan was devastated by the 9.0-magnitude earthquake and massive tsunami, some areas look as … Continue reading



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